Artist Statement

Truth has been drowned in a sea of digital irrelevance. Incessant explores personal feelings of paranoia and distress caused by the current state of culture: a trivial culture with an infinite appetite for distractions. We are perpetually looking forward, unable to see the past from which we came from. Overstimulated to the point of passivity. Unaware of just how many disguised sets of eyes are upon each of us at any given moment. In the end we must ask: all this empty pleasure, is it worth it? And what exactly are we “progressing” towards if not utter chaos?

Incessant was created using found imagery from various sources. Old magazine advertisements and spreads were scanned for use in Incessant 1.0, which were then digitally printed and used for installation purposes. The typewritten, original note is essential to the meaning of the work. Additionally, in Incessant 2.0, found video footage was compiled and the context altered to create a specific narrative about the rapid growth of capitalism and the falsity of the American dream. Incessant 3.0 exists as a flip book, which was produced using stills from compiled found footage. Each individual work within Incessant aims to explore different aspects of our culture through mid-century Americana visuals.