Artist Statement

Weight Limit is a project focusing on the physical and mental emotions that are associated with body image and body shaming. In today’s society there is such a negative stigma associated with loving yourself and being confident in your own skin. Now-a-days everyone is obsessed with being able to fit the ideal mold of what a person should look like and weigh, because of what we’ve been told by and seen from others.  If you don't have the ideal “perfect” body, society tells you in return that you shouldn't love yourself or be able to accept love from others. When in reality, the perfect body doesn't exist. What does exist is you and your body, and that is perfect because it's exactly who you are. We need to stop shaming others for how much they weigh because at the end of the day weight does not matter. What matters is being able to love yourself and your body no matter the size or shape. 

Salt Lake City based photographer, Brandi Gilbert, has been pursuing her passion for photography since 2014. Brandi is currently achieving her BFA with a photo emphasis at the University of Utah and plans to use the skills she acquired to further her photo career. She is a portrait based photographer but has been experimenting in the realm of fine art photography while at school. Her work focuses mainly on mental health and the stigmas surrounding it.