Working through multiple processes, I seek to fight and tear and break and reedit and sew my skin together, explore and change my multiplicities until I am comfortable existing in a body that I feel no connection to, or surrender any hope for that connection. I lean in to these processes to sacrifice my physical body to the many bodies created through them.

I am not only my skin and blood, I am the 3D objects that exist in hard drives, 3D prints, photos in social media databases, and abstract usernames for small avatars.

I can exist in these multiplicities as ungendered proxy, a body that knows no touch, a body that is unsurveiled and glitched and lost to the system.

If I have enough pieces of my body that are no longer a part of my skin, then perhaps my consciousness will no longer need to attach to the body it was born in, but may exist through cyber body, through small words in a raggedy book, through skin that is printed that is mine but no longer me.

in salt lake but rly just around idk, been obssesed with skin n anime n sake n trying to be someone that is completely online and no more offline

also been around these cool nature parks and putting my feet in the cold water

bfa at the u 2021
therwise just a body in the landscape

thinkin ab queerness thru skin and digital ephemera, intimacy and isolation, and fighting the territoy of occupation