Throughout this series I have looked at how everything I have done over the last five years has always had a connection to what came before. Over time collecting pieces that were meant to be used but never were. How each “bad” photo or installation has led to a better one. Those little things are all pulled together by the simple idea that one can use the old to make the new. Panes of glass brought together to hold old negative that have been sitting in boxes as I move forward with new ideas. What should have been wire stringing them up as if floating, only to be cracked and broken. But it is those small moments that seem too monumental to overcome that make a piece worth seeing. Sitting on the floor of the studio thinking there is no way to fix this, and yet there it is a solution. This series stemmed from my inability to afford to buy new materials and create something grander. Finding that in that absents of funding that I already had what I needed to create something I had already thought of Connection. All of these projects had come from me, there had to be a reason I pull toward certain film or ideas? The same with the cracks and the lines in the glass that bring the pieces together. Nothing is perfect, not this year, not one’s vision, and not the many negatives I have taken over time. Those cracks are the places where I learned how to work problems and find a new way to show what I was seeing. No matter the time or history of what you see, there is nothing else that can be said except that there is always, Connection Through Everything.

Born in Houston, Texas, though lived in and out of Utah most of my life.
A Navy veteran
Graduated high school in 2008
Currently a B.F.A. student at The University of Utah
-Photography Major